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Installing and commissioning the automation system

Thuan Khang is very pleased to work with contractors and investors on the installation of the production line.   Currently, the automatic machinery manufacturing industry in Vietnam has not met the demand for domestic production automation. Therefore, the need to buy machines and lines from other...

Service maintenance for air compressor, generator system

Thuan Khang has a service team with 12 Teachnicians with ability to do: - Service maintenance for Aircompressor and generator system. We have more than 8 years in this servicing and specialize in some brand like Fusheng, Atlas Copco, Perkins... - Resolve problem 24/7. - Support customer to do the...

Electrical system maintenance

Thuan Khang provide the service for electrical system including: - Checking, solving the problem relate to Electrical system. - Repair or improve the Electrical cabinet. - 24/7 service.

Upgrade Electric Panel System

In addition to providing new electrical cabinets, Thuan Khang also renovated old electrical cabinets.   Based on the control principle and provided documents, Thuan Khang will improve and replace some new equipment and provide drawings to the customer when completed so that the customer can easily...

Control panel for Booster pump system

Thuan Khang receives requests from customers about the demand for water in factories, factories, buildings, ... will advise, design and install electrical cabinets to control the optimal water pump system according to needs. of your customers.   With a team of engineers with more than 5 years of...

Installing Electrical Systems

With a team of engineers and skilled workers, Thuan Khang will deploy from the design stage to the completion of the project with the following items:   1. Power supply system: MSB power station, distribution panel, cable tray systems, Busways, sockets, ...   2. Lighting system: lighting...