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Han-Yellock® Series

Han-Yellock® Series

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  •    This connector provides new functionality (contact bridges for multiplying potentials, lockable levers, separated hoods and housings)
  •   Achieves the same or higher IP protection and durability as our established Han® B series
  •   Only the male contacts are required for the Han-Yellock® crimp modules; the female side is chosen later
  •   Two sizes are available: Han-Yellock® 30 and Han-Yellock® 60: with 3 or 6 Han-Yellock® modules
  •   All typical housing variants are available: surface-mounted and bulkhead-mounted on the device side, and shell hoods with top or side entries
  •   When using adapter modules, it is possible to use over 40 modules for power, signal, bus and network connections from the Han-Modular® product series