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Han-Eco® Series

Han-Eco® Series

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  •  Combines the advantages of the hoods and housings of our established Han® B series and the enormous versatility of the Han-Modular® inserts, with their low weight and outstanding resistance to environmental influences
  •  Hoods and housings series made from high strength plastic – allows for the direct use of all power, data, signal and pneumatic modules from the Han-  Modular® series: tool-free assembly of the modules in the hoods and housings using "click and mate"
  •   In each of the four sizes, a module has more space than in the equivalent Han® B hoods and housings; a PE module can optionally be used
  •   Ensures excellent mechanical strength and outstanding resistance to environmental influences
  •   Outdoor hoods and housings variants are available
  •   Surface-mount, bulkhead and cable to cable variants are available
  •   Cable side available in straight and angled variants